GB whatsapp vs Gold whatsapp

Everyone is curious to know which version of whatsapp is better, whatsapp gb or gold whatsapp. Both versions of whatsapp provide some extra features from each other. Are you confused about which whatsapp you should want to download? 

Well don’t worry, the core purpose of this article is to make a comparison of gb whatsapp vs gold whatsapp. We will make comparisons of these versions of whatsapp one by one so let’s start taking a look at these versions.

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Overview of GB Whatsapp and Gold Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp

GB whatsapp is an updated version of whatsapp regular which provides some extra features like blue tick hide, anti-delete message etc. GB whatsapp is popular among a lot of people.

Gold whatsapp 

Gold whatsapp is also an updated version of whatsapp which provides many exciting features to its users including blue tick hide, status seen hide, anti-delete message, lock options, 4000 stock themes and much more.

GB Whatsapp and Gold Whatsapp Features Comparison

There are some exciting features of gb whatsapp and gold whatsapp.

Feature GB WhatsappGold Whatsapp
Anti-delete featureYesYes
Message anti-deleteYesYes
Status seen hideYes Yes
Calls Disable featureYesNo
Online Status hideYesYes
Custom FontsYesYes
Stock ThemesNoYes
Security Lock featureYesYes
Icon Change optionYesYes
DND ModeYesYes
Stock Lock featureNoYes
Share videos of larger sizeYesYes
4000+ Stock Themes NoYes
Download Status FeatureYesYes
Share empty messageYesYes
Share documents like pdf etcYesYes
Smooth User InterfaceNoYes
Exclusive Emojis and StickersNoYes
Advance Privacy layerNoYes

Almost both versions of whatsapp are amazing, both provide users with amazing features that are not available in the official whatsapp version. It depends on your preference which verison of whatsapp you want to download. You can easily download the gold whatsapp apk by reaching out to this article.

In this article we have made a comparison of gb whatsapp and gold whatsapp. But still, if you’re facing any problem feel free to contact us.

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