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Whatsapp gold is a modified version of Whatsapp that provides some extra features like blue tick hide, status seen hide, anti-delete message, extra privacy options etc. Everyone wants to download the latest version of gold whatsapp apk but the problem is that it’s a modified version and not available on playstore.

Don’t worry because gold whatsapp apk is here. You can easily download the latest version of whatsapp gold from our website quickly and easily by clicking on the download button “Gold Whatsapp Download” above. Additionally, you can read the whole article to know all about whatsapp gold.

What is Gold Whatsapp APK

gold whatsapp apk is a modified version of whatsapp that is popular among many people due to its amazing features that have increased the excitement of whatsapp lovers. In some countries many people call whatsapp gold as whatsapp Dahabi. Whatsapp golden is designed to increase the excitement of whatsapp lovers.

The developer of whatsapp golden is working on improving its user interface. By adding more features to the whatsapp official version it is now more amazing and allows its users to enjoy their conservation with advanced features. Its interface is mostly similar to whatsapp’s official interface. Whatsapp gold provides you 4000+ themes and also you can download new themes and import them in the whatsapp gold.

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Is It Safe To Use WhatsApp Golden Apk?

Whatsapp gold is a modified version of the official whatsapp version, only the features of this app have been increased and it works on the same servers on which the official version of whatsapp works that is end to end encrypted. So using whatsapp golden may not be directly harmful to your mobile device but downloading it from third party sources may not be safe for your device.  Always ensure that you have downloaded whatsapp gold from safe sources and it is updated to the latest version.

WhatsApp Golden VS WhatsApp

Whatsapp is an official version and whatsapp golden is an unofficial modified version that provides some extra features like blue tick hide, status seen hide, download status etc that are not available in the official version. Gold Whatsapp apk is designed to give its lover with more exciting features, a difference between whatsapp official version and whatsapp gold is as follows;

Feature Whatsapp Gold Whatsapp official 
Video sharing size70 MB 15 MB
Status downloading YESNO
Direction icon removeYESNO
Message anti-deleteYESNO
Empty message sharingYESNO
Hide typing statusYESNO
Change ThemesYESNO
Schedule MessagesYESNO
Conversations LockYESNO
Share document at a time10030
Inbuilt lockYESNO
Auto ReplyYESNO
Last Seen HideYESNO
Specific Chat LockYESNO
Status video length 5 Minutes30 second
Forwarding Tag RemoveYESNO
File size limitUnlimited (No limit)100 MB

How to download and Install Whatsapp golden 

There are some steps through which you can easily download and install the latest version of gold whatsapp apk in your mobile phone easily.

  • Download the latest version of whatsapp gold apk from our website by the download button “Gold Whatsapp Download” above
  • After downloading whatsapp gold apk, open your device file manager and locate the folder where you have downloaded the apk file.
  • Click on the Whatsapp golden apk file to install it on your mobile device.
  • If you have not recently enabled Installing from “Unknown Sources” then it will ask you to enable apps installation from “Unknown Sources” You can directly reach the “Unknown sources” enable button by clicking on the Enable “Unknown Sources” button during installing apk file in your mobile device.
  • After enabling “Unknown Sources” Click on the install button and it will be installed on your device. 
  • Now you have successfully installed whatsapp dahabi in your mobile device, it will ask you to enter your mobile number when you’ll open the app. Enter your mobile number and start using whatsapp gold in your mobile device.

If you want to download Whatsapp gold for pc, you can reach out to this article.

Gold Whatsapp Old Versions

Is the current version of Gold Whatsapp apk causing lag on your Android Device? The current version of WhatsApp Gold may be incompatible with your device. Don’t worry! If you prefer, you can try using old versions of Gold Whatsapp here.

Features of Whatsapp gold

Gold Whatsapp Features image

Some main features of whatsapp gold are as follow;

User-friendly Interface

Providing helpful features alone is not sufficient to ensure user satisfaction. User-friendly Interface and customization options significantly Impact the Overall user experience. The developer of Whatsapp Dahabi has provided its users with a User-friendly Interface (UI) that makes it easy to navigate its features and make it more interesting.

Customization Options

Whatsapp Dahabi provides many customization options, including theme customization, chat customization and more. You can use your Images as background in your Chat. There are 4000+ stock themes you can use in your whatsapp Dahabi to enhance its User experience.

Multiple Accounts

If you know you can only use one whatsapp account on your mobile device because when you login your account on another device your account will be logged out from your old device and logged in on your new device. so If you’re facing difficulty in using more than one whatsapp account in your android devices then the whatsapp gold is a best option for you. Whatsapp gold allows you to use multiple accounts in your 1 mobile device. 

Animations & User Interface

Whatsapp gold provides an easy to navigate user interface. The user interface of this app is very simple and clear. You can find any navigation without any hassle in this app. The animations of this app are very attractive, they look very cool and amazing. Whatsapp gold developer is still working on it to improve it and provide more features.

Auto Reply

Another amazing feature of whatsapp gold is auto replay, if you want to reply to your messages automatically then whatsapp gold is for you. This app allows you to set up some responses for the messages. When the message comes, if you have already set up an auto reply then it will send a reply automatically.

Schedule Message

This app is providing a scheduled message feature so there is no need to wait for hours to send a message. Just enter the schedule of your message and it will automatically send a message to your friend or anyone on the selected schedule. This feature may be helpful, you should try it.

Privacy Options

This version of whatsapp allows you to increase your privacy. You can hide your profile online status, typing status, seen status, blue tick hide, status seen hide and much more. Whatsapp gold allows you to add a lock out of your whatsapp that is inbuilt in the app. You can also hide any chat and access by adding your selected password.

App Lock

Whatsapp gold offers a built- in app lock, now the need for an external lock app is eliminated because this app is offering its own lock which works better than any external lock. You can use this lock by adding a password. This is also an amazing feature.

DND Mode

If you don’t want to be distracted by the whatsapp gold app then you can enable do not disturb mode in this application. This feature will only mute all messages notifications from the whatsapp gold without muting any other app.

Deleted Messages

Another amazing feature of whatsapp gold is the anti delete message. If anyone has deleted the message then still you are able to see it by using the whatsapp gold app. In the official whatsapp it will show the message was deleted but in whatsapp gold it can be seen.


If you get bored by the stock theme of whatsapp regularly then don’t worry because whatsapp gold is providing you with 4000+ amazing themes that you can use by increasing your chat appearance. Whatsapp gold also allows you to download and then import them into the app.

Who Can Call You

Whatsapp Golden provides you with an option called “Who can Call”. This feature allows you to block unnecessary calls from anyone else. You have the option to select people from your contacts who are allowed to call you.

Backup and Restore

A backup is necessary for the recovery of your Whatsapp Data. Now Whatsapp Golden also allows you to back up your Whatsapp data to Google Drive and restore it to your other device.

Forwarding Tag Remove

If a message forwarding tag is enabled in your whatsapp then anyone can forward it to the other users in the whatsapp app. Now by using whatsapp gold you can remove the forwarding tag from your messages or media. After using this feature other people will be unable to forward your chats, messages or media.

Backup and Restore

Gold Whatsapp apk provides you with the backup and restore function so you can easily switch from your whatsapp regular to the whatsapp Dahabi. You have to make a backup of your whatsapp chat to google drive by using any of your google accounts. When you’ll enter your old number on which you’ve whatsapp regular account, Whatsapp Gold will automatically popup a restore data option.

Other Amazing Features

Gold whatsapp features

Pros and Cons of Gold Whatsapp


  • 4000+ In-built Themes.
  • Amazing Fonts.
  • More Security Options.
  • In-built Security Lock.
  • More Privacy Option (Blue Tick Hide etc).
  • Increased Media Sharing capacity.
  • Support Status Downloading.
  • More Functions.


  • Not available on Google Play Store.
  • Modified Version.
  • Third Party app.
  • Bugs and Issues.
  • Account Ban Risk.
  • Not affliated with official whatsapp.

Useful Questions

Yes! Using whatsapp gold may be safe for your device because it works on the same server on which the official one works.

There is no need to root your device to use whatsapp gold because it does not require any root access.

Your android version should be higher than android 5 to run whatsapp gold in your android device.

Yes! you can create and use multiple accounts in whatsapp gold apk.

No! Whatsapp gold is completely free app, you can download the latest version of whatsapp gold from

In this article you can download the gold whatsapp apk latest version by clicking on the download button “Gold Whatsapp Download” above. We have also covered all related topics about whatsapp gold. If still, you’re facing any issue related to the whatsapp gold app feel free to contact us.